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wall street? now you can lose your life savings in hi def. (laughter) and my guest, writer tony kushner penned the screenplay to the movie "lincoln." no one tell me how it ends. (laughter) an oil painting on bob barker is on ebay for $3.5 million. i bid one dollar. (laughter) this is "the colbert report" (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: good to have you with us! (audience chanting "stephen") (cheers and applause) thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for your support. you know i mean that. welcome to the "report." i've got to thank you people for standing with me and standing by me and standing behind me because for seven years running the "report" has been the number one cable news show on this network at 11:30. (cheers and applause) it's official. i just found that out. folks, you don't get to the top without making a few enemies. so once again it's time for "who's attacking me now?" (laughter) tonight i am once again in the cross hairs of the canadian press. (boos) it seems that the ma
: welcome black, everybody! my guest tonight is a pulitzer prize play wright. tony kushner. (cheers and applause) nice to see you again, thanks for coming on. all right everybody knows you. turn author of "the playwright of angels in america." you also wrote the screenplay to "munich" with stephen spielberg now you are the screen writeer for the knew movie "lincoln." (cheers and applause) were you daunted at all approaching a figure this iconic? someone so huge in our minds? someone we all think of as old. old uncle penny face? (laughter) >> never occurred to me to think of him as olds uncle penny face. it was scary. i didn't want to do it original because i didn't know that it was going to be possible. >> stephen: did spielberg have something on you? did he blackmail you? >> well, doris kearns goodwin who's been on the show. >> stephen: friend of the show. >> she was a very persuasive and lovely person and great writer and she talked me into it and i loved working with steven on "munich" so i figured it was a good thing to try. >> stephen: when doris was on she said something i had
end tony gonzal gonzalez. football fans know him as a sure fire hall of famer on the field, but the most important thing in his life is work he's doing off the field helping children cope with illness. this is a great story, a great hall of fame caliber player and an even better guy. >> one of the good guys. and kudos also in order for our web team. was honored with an eni award by editor and publisher for best use of social media for news services, and we've seen a lot of what they have done and put out there, especially during hurricane sandy and all the great coverage that they have provided as well on the web so congratulations, guys. you deserve it. >> very well deserved. let's go to al over into democracy plaza. he's got a check of the weather. ? good morning from here at democracy plaza. the channel has been transformed into part of what will be our election coverage and also a celebration of the electoral process, and this is an nbc news mock news booth. look, there's a camera with a little teleprompter there, and then you can sit over here, and can you do
, but tonight it's in that hope that we want to share with you three stories. tony went to prison at the age of 17, and as governor of michigan i commuted her sentence. together we'll tell you our story, and then there is no way to describe the pain felt by this woman when her life was shattered by the murder of her brother. and while nothing can compare to a personal tragedy, there is a shared sadness when we watch a community collapse and certainly a shared sense of renewal when it is reborn and that is the story of detroit. (vo)answer: pour disaronno into a flute glass and top with prosecco. brought to you by disaronno. be originale. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa. ♪ >> jennifer: you are back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm on this night before thanksgiving as we breathe a sigh of relief over t
to culminate september, 2016. >> thank you colleagues we'll open up for public comment. supervisor tony hall, thank you for being here today. >> thank you, chair kim and supervisor farrell and supervisor campos, good to see you guys in action doing the city's work. i am former supervisor tony hall and i was the writer and author of prop p that was passed in november of 2002, and matt gonzalez co-sponsored that. now there was eminent need for the oversight committee because prop e eliminated thevores from weighing in, eliminated the need for voters to approve revenue bonds and we're not talking about hundreds of millions, but we're talking about billions. so the prop p, the revenue bond oversight committee was of eminent importance. that is why it passed overwhelmingly. what was its mission? how revenue bond were managed by the puc and city? how were they going to do this? obviously they had to employ outside agency for outside audits and what happens is that the mayor at that time, mr. gavin newsom, along with the controller, mr. ed harrington who later became the general manager of the
could have obtained the prescription anti-dote, not tony. >> it looks like. this >> an anti-dote so powerful they are give ig it away in baltimore city. it is sold under the name nar can. it blocks the affects of open yats on the brain and restores breathe. >> when youster it you receive the vile and syringe. >> and while the law prohibits tony getting it for a loved one but people in treatment can get it to potentially save their addicted friends. >> i got a lot of friends in this stuff and it could help. >> the wrong kind of help according to one of the most widely known figures. >> we give them clean needles so they don't get aids and nar can so they don't die. what are we going to give them heroine next? because the reality is why sfop? >> we are going to reduce harm the best they can give people the tools they need to survive and that's why we do what we do. >> it is called the staying alive program, drug intervention prevention the needle exchange the only kind in maryland. >> after instructions that include rescue breathing. a doctor writes the prescription for nar can. >> it
of michigan i issued orders for nearly 200 which is the state record. toni bunton is one of the people i felt deserved a second chance. she spent more than 16 years behind bars for her part in a drug deal that ended in murder but in 2009 after a lot of deliberation i decided to free toni from her 25 to 50-year sentence. and tonight toni is joining us from detroit. toni welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you for inviting me. >> jennifer: so tell us what have you been doing since your sentence was commuted? >> i graduated from the university of michigan with a master's degree in women's studies. i work for a nonprofit organization in detroit that provides after-school programs for girls, and ged classes for woman, and i work as a community organizer in southwest detroit, and i plan to go to law school. >> jennifer: all right. so no incidents, nothing has hand that would cause me to regret the decision right? >> absolutely not. >> jennifer: okay. so tell people -- i don't think people can imagine what it was like to spending 16 years in prison and then one day be
this morning. walked into times square. and the snow, too, blowing. mirrorball trophy. tony dovolani, and melissa rycroft. d.j. irie spinning all morning long. >>> and behind these doors, the ladies, shawn, kelly, melissa getting ready. and the guys, tony, derek and val. i think they're close to getting ready. >> it's hard to get ready with this on. >> i think you'll manage. the guys are looking good. are you ready to come down to the after-party? >> we're ready. >> amy, hope you brought your dancing shoes. >> i did, lara. >>> also ahead, what do you do if you win the powerball jackpot tonight? we're going to hear from some of the biggest lottery winners ever, about what to do and what not to do if you have the winning ticket. >> share it with your friends and buy yourself a dancing lesson or two. >>> and brad pitt, opening up in a special interview. he is discussing that burgeoning family of his, with angelina jolie. and talks about turning 50 and a word or two about the chanel ads. >>> angus t. jones set up a firestorm when he called "two and a half men" filth and telling fans not
. good morning, i am alison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. take a look at this. actually, the wrong thing was on the prompter. don't look at anything now, except for tucker barnes who is downstairs in the weather center, probably cracking up right now. >> starting off great. >> you saved me, thank you. >> there we go. that's embarrassing. let's get to the maps. oh, live shot first. not getting anything right. nice conditions across the area. going to be a beautiful fall afternoon. talking about a lot of sunshine, and some warmer temperatures. at least less windy than yesterday. with feel warmer with temperatures in the mid-50s later today. nice shot here. should be a beautiful day area- wide. want to focus here in mid- atlantic and northeast, where we had the storm the last couple of days. cleared out overnight. should be in for a really nice couple of days around here, with high pressure building in from the west. less windy and a lot of sunshine here friday and right through your week here, your three-day weekend. temperature, 46 degrees right now in washington. 45 dulles. 44bwi marshal
-- fits with its founders goal to bring dance to new places, to reach new people. for uri sands and toni pierce- sands, it's been an unusual journey to get here. each rose to prominence in the '90s, seeming to reach the pinnacle of storybook careers with new york's alvin ailey dance company. uri sands grew up poor in miami who got accepted into a fine arts public school and studied ballet. toni pierce, the daughter of teachers, was hired by ailey, left it to tour europe but returned to new york and the company, where the pair met. >> i remember seeing toni and uri both as dancers and they are two of the nations best dancers. >> reporter: ben johnson, director of northrup dance center at the university of minnesota remembers seeing toni pierce sands in a piece called cry by alvin ailey, one of the 20th century's giants of modern dance. >> he created the piece to celebrate all mothers and women around the world and only an elite few dancers are allowed to perform this particular solo and that's the piece i first saw tony pierce perform. and uri in the same way, he's considered one of the m
genuinely happy, and especially when i saw angel pag an and after tony bennett sang and i need a picture. this is the most important picture in my life with tony bennett. he didn't want the picture with the world series trophy but with his family and tony ben etd. he was having fun. i think that was the level of fun the players were having with the event yesterday and i want to thank the rest of the city and everybody gets to enjoy these moments when they're unique, but we're going to carry that on. today there is work to be done and announcements to be made and the southeast sector of our city is something i always registered to the city as your mayor we would never abandon and in fact we're making more investments in this neighborhood and heron's head park is the latest investment. it comes out of a two and a half million dollar investment out of a safety bond that we passed years ago and rec and park are almost there with 90% of the expenditures. all of the projects are accounted for and 2.5 million dollars of investment here and corrects access and updates landscaping and open
. this is friday, yea, november 16th. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. it has been a long week. before we get to the weather and traffic we have breaking developments in the amber alert issued overnight in virginia. the search had been on for 18- month-old alexis rose carwile and her mother, jennifer dawn carwile. you see their pictures there. we've just learned they have been located in prince george's county, maryland and that they are safe. authorities had believed they were in d.c. in the area, because of this man. he is eric eugene black which they were originally traveling with. all three went missing yesterday afternoon, but investigators quickly learned black had relatives in the d.c. area. black was pulled over by virginia state police on i-95 south of richmond around 4:30 this morning. again, an 18-month-old girl and her mother who had been the subject of an amber alert have been found safe in prince george's county. >>> good news there. we turn to tucker barnes, he's going to tell us what we can expect for our forecast for t
. he bought it and that meant he had it ready in his hands and put tony kushner on it and he always wanted daniel day-lewis. >> before we get to him, what is it about lincoln he wanted to share with a broader u. younger, new generation. >> he wanted to make lincoln a person you could identify with intimately. he chose a short story rather than a big fat thing to show his humor, sadness, conviction, political skills and he wanted to show that a politician can be a great guy at a time where we're cynical about politics. >> and politics is letting us down so much. daniel day-lewis. >> unbelievable character. i got to meet him and it hadn't been announced yet so they asked me to take him to springfield under an assumed name. the law offices, the museum, don't let anyone know it's us. somebody wanted a sandwich, some other people with us and somebody in the sandwich shop suddenly saw him and took a picture and they had to announce that daniel day was lincoln. i took him through mary and lincoln's house and the ceilings were low and he couldn't wait to get out. he felt claustrophobic in t
, and tony ann. >> good afternoon, mr. bollenger. >>> good afternoon, my name is keith. i'm a native san franciscan. i'm here in capacity as john doe citizen. i'd like to say i'm usually a fierce critic of muni, but along with the njuda express and this proposed expansion of the 76, more power to you. i really like the fact this may be improving that. let me relate there is a hostile on the marin head lands. i happen to be a lifetime member. golden gate transit doesn't go out there during the week. i'm of modest means. i do not own a motor vehicle. so i've got no means of getting out there. i asked the people who workout there, how do you do? we take a bus to the end of the tunnel and hitch hike. no thank you. so, it blows me away the golden gate transit neglects this transit area within their own territory, their own county. i find it super ironic that muni and the sfmta isn't remedying their lack of foresight. so, i wholly support any efforts to expand service. thank you for your time. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> mary liz harris, tony ann, susan casey. >> thank you, am
apariencia física, así es, ahora en las vegas con nuestro querido tony dandrades. >>> qué bien. >>> qué bien, adelante, tony dandrades. >>> estamos aquí listos en el latin grammy's, y dónde fui con juan magán, le cuento al buenas tardes encuentran nuevas evidencias en los niÑos autistas y la relacion que puede tener con sus madres si contrajeron gripe estando embarazadas y les duro mas de una semana... y tras estallas una huelga y protestas entre los empleados del supermercado raleys y nob hill foods parece que han comenzado las negociaciones... detalles hoy las seis... ♪. >>> estas son imágenes desde las vegas, como ya saben, el conteo regresivo para el latin grammy ha comenzado. >>> es que grandes estrellas participarán en el jueves en el 13° galardón del latin grammy. >>> como vieron que está tony dandrades ahí en vivo para darnos los detalles, adelante, cómo está eso por allá. >>> hola, tony. >>> mucho frío en las vegas, con temperaturas de 35 grados por la noche, tengo dos luces para verme mejor y también anoche me fui de reventón con juan magán, más adelante ten
vegas con nuestro querido tony dandrades. >>> qué bien. >>> qué bien, adelante, tony dandrades. >>> estamos aquí listos en el latin grammy's, y dónde fui con juan magán, le cuento al regresar en primer impacto ♪. ♪. >>> estas son imágenes desde las vegas, como ya saben, el conteo regresivo para el latin grammy ha comenzado. >>> es que grandes estrellas participarán en el jueves en el 13° galardón del latin grammy. >>> como vieron que está tony dandrades ahí en vivo para darnos los detalles, adelante, cómo está eso por allá. >>> hola, tony. >>> mucho frío en las vegas, con temperaturas de 35 grados por la noche, tengo dos luces para verme mejor y también anoche me fui de reventón con juan magán, más adelante tenemos el reportaje, tenemos imágenes del preparativo de la alfombra roja, una noche de estrellas, una noche, comparada con el año pasado, más larga y también la presentación de un artista muy especial, también está ensayando shaila durcal, juan luis guerra, juan magán, que es el protagonista del reportaje a continuación, él llegó cansado y l
seconds. coming up, we've fun ask tony and tucker question. something that will make you think. >> don't they all make us think? >> some more than others. >> you've been up here. you know how it is. thank you. >>> all right. let's check in with julie. h ju >> the forecast for me, you will see me in a hat, gloves and big old parka until april. that is what it means. we do have dent activity to report this time around in the district. for those traveling north on 295, still clear headed to the 11th street bridge. the overturned vehicle, this is what is tying up your commute in southeast. the crash occurred along texas avenue at ridge road. no one able to get by at the scene at this time. so heads up there. other side of town, busy as well because of accident activity. you will find on the roads that northbound i-95 is good to go. no trouble spots to report right now leaving woodbridge headed out towards newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. >>> 207 electoral votes to determine the course of the next four years. >> all the planning, preps and prom
. >> women who rock. >> there you go. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. happy you're with us on this friday morning. we didn't say that, whoo-hoo, it's friday! >> thank goodness. tucker barnes is with us now. he's in the weather center to tell us what we can expect today. hey, tucker. >> cloud cover to start your morning. but the sun will move in very quickly here and we'll lose the cloud cover. should be a great looking afternoon. get ready for a bit of a warmup with a lot of afternoon sun for friday. live look at your satellite radar. notice the cloud cover and radar suggesting a shower or two early this morning. not much is touching the ground. pushing off to the north and east. out to the west here, we've got clearing skies. should be a beautiful day for most of the day here, and with temperatures back into the mid- 50s. warmer than yesterday. right now we've warmed up to 46 at reagan national. 41 at dulles. bwi marshall 44 degrees. here's your friday forecast, and we'll peek at the weekend in just a minute. highs in the low to mid-50s. lots of afternoon sunshi
in able to talk about it. >> richard. >> i agree everything tony said and as a teacher and administrator and i have children in the san francisco public schools to and this is about the power relationship that one individual has over another individual and the district attorney spoke about sometimes adults are part of the issue where an adult that holds the ability to give you a grade for example and you're a senior and you need a certain grade to get into a certain college that is inhere endly a power relationship, and to utilize that relationship to get certain actions out of a student or hold certain students accountable i think is what tony is talking about. it's not a healthy relationship and it's issues of power and about relationships. how do you develop relationships that are respectful? it reminds of the term "social justice". we think we know what we mean by it but i can't tell you the emails i get from individuals. >> if "if you don't get me in the school i want to you're denying me social justice" and it's usurping of the teerm and let's call bullying what it is and ass
suffering from super storm sandy, a volunteer army pitches in to help. our tony guida watches them at work. >> i'm astound by the response from new york. >> axelrod: challenges facing china's new leaders. bill whitaker shows us just how far the country has come in a single generation. and take a look at the latest muscle car. you won't believe whose muscle created it. priya clemens introduces us to the design team. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we are learning more tonight about the investigation that led to the abrupt resignation of c.i.a. chief and retired four-star general david petraeus. petraeus admitted to an affair and submitted his resignation to president obama, and now it turns out, it was the f.b.i. that discovered the relationship was with his biographer. homeland security correspondent bob orr is standing by in washington tonight. good evening, bob. >> reporter: good evening, jim. well, david petraeus is one of america's most decorated and reveered generals. as head of the c.i.a., he was in charge of the
. now we welcome in tony dungy. your reaction to tonight's game, tony. >> well, bob, you talked about being a division leader and i think houston made a stamp tonight and let people know they are the best team in the afc. they went on the road in bad conditions. we think of them as an indoor team. but they played smart tonight. they played tough. they played physical. they won chicago's type of game. their offense didn't throw the ball a lot as we mentioned and turned it over to their defense and the defense made plays. you heard danieal manning, he came and made a statement early, turned the game around with that physical hit and coordinator wade phillips i thought did a great job on brandon marshall roving he w realizing he was a threat an houston made the statement they are the best team in the afc tonight. >> they have a one game lead over the ravens and have a victory against baltimore so they own that tiebreaker. who do you think, assuming that houston gets one of the byes and the ravens right now fountain season were to end would get the other. who do you see getting that other
will call two names at a time. the first is adalene tony. >> hello. nice to see you all today. my name is -- antonio, i work at the coalition of homelessness. i just moved last week. i've been homeless since i was 15, i'm now 20, five years. my daughter is 15 months old; she was born homeless; i speak spanish, french, portuguese. i can help in that area. having lived in the shelter i do think there's certain things that need to be changed. staff and cleanliness - i just feel that everybody deserves the right to have comfortable, safe environment to live in especially with their children. especially families. if i were appointed i would make sure that happens. so that's it. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you so much for being here. next i have adalene tony and and deborah ann white. i know lamont is unable to attend the date. matthew steen? jenny parrilla here? matthey, you are here? is jenny is not here, i know tony fatua [sounds like] let us know that he will not be here. and isaac langford. >> i will be withdrawing my application but i have some things application to lac
'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> i love pomegranites. >> i love tony. >> i do, too. >> he is downstairs right now. hi, tony! [ laughter ] >>> he was on the way to an mvp season until he tested positive for steroids. melky cabrera from the giants. he had to leave the team. he has a new job. the outfielder signed two years with toronto for $16 million so any slim chance he might be coming back to the giants is over. he is off to the american league and the toronto bluejays. >> all right. there you go. one last check on weather? >> stormy weather this afternoon, thunderstorms, heavy rain, gusty winds. should be fun tonight, guys. embarcade at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> taylor: you know, you really need to see someone about that anger issue of yours. >> brooke: you deserved that slap. you are so out of line. >> taylor: selri
. >> i'm not going to the document, tony. >> reporter: law prevents it from explaining why california taxpayer don't have the tax dollars collected. we also found this interesting. here's letterhead, sheriff's advisory committee. it says advisory board problem. he is a member of the sheriff's advisory board, a nonprofit group, supporting and affiliated with the sheriff's department. does this concern you? >> it does concern me. i want to make sure we have good people that are affiliated with that organization because they do work with us. >> reporter: you're the sheriff. will you recommend that he's removed from your advisory board? >> yes. >> reporter: so, sheriff smith has called for some government accountability. he's a san jose businessman, with a financial resume showing more than $10 million owed to the federal government, the state of california, and dozens of bay area business partners. now, many are calling for even more accountability. >> i could have stayed home today. but i want to do -- excuse me. i want to do my part to make sure he's brought to justice. >> somebody's g
morning." hey there's tony bennett with wynton marsalis. this friday night cbs is bringing back "person to person." when it first aired in 1950s well-known people opened their homes to edward r. murrow every weekend. world war ii. he was in on the invasion of okinawa. i got to go and stand on the beach that he stormed in on and my grandfather is still alive and i was able to get on a satellite phone and talk to him while standing on that beach and i asked him, you know, grandpa what were you thinking because, you know, i was overcome with emotion just crying thinking about what that must have been like. he said i was 19 years old, i was trying to live to be 20. still gets me kind of emotional. but that was the greatest generation. those were strong men and women and we owe our lives to them every day. >> clearly an emotional idea for you, i suspect for many of those warriors you're a hero but clearly for you they are the hero. >> there's no question. it is amazing when they tell you man i'm such a big fan, you're my idol or what have you. i flip that around on them
man, teaming up with with the man that brought us tony soprano, in an exclusive "nightline" interview. >>> and, china's angels. they're the latest and perhaps most unusual must have access y accessory, the female bodyguard. we'll show you what it takes to become a lean, mean, protection machine. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," november 28th, 2012. >> good evening, all, i am bill weir. so, what does it take for the most advanced civilization in human history to become utterly transfixed by six ping-pong balls? well, only about half a billion dollars, before taxes. yes, the powerball prize was a record setter. as the jackpot swelled, the ticket-buying frenzy topped a rate of 130,000 a minute. after an astounding 16 rollovers, the $580 million question tonight was, would anyone actually win this time? on the dreamer beat, once again tonight, here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: this had been a record-breaking jackpot night. >> america's favorite game coming to you right now -- >
on this monday november 5th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. more sleep. oh, i remembered. full closings in maryland to pass along. northern high school, northern middle school, hickory environmental education center and grantsville elementary all closed due to water problems. all other schools are open on time. >> let's find out as far as our weather go. we turn to tucker barnes for that. >> good morning, everybody. got a lot of clouds to start your day but later this afternoon we should see sunshine. it's going to be a little on the cool side. nice drive monday in store. there's your satellite radar. live shot, cloud cover across the area. you can see it in the picture. a little upper level disturbance coming through. the trend will be to lose the cloud cover. we should turn mostly sunny but with winds here at 5 to 10, going to feel breezy and cool out. high temperatures will only top out near 50. definitely bring a jacket. a little on the cool side. currently it's cold. regan national 42. bwi marshal, 40. here's your forecast warming it up to 50 with sunshine
. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is here with new information. the guard's leadership wants to look into the problems exposed in the report aired here and in los angeles. >> reporter: that is correct. our investigation uncovered a disturbing hidden culture inside the california guard where some members say sexual assault and racism at times go unchecked and leaders who make questionable decisions don't get disciplined. instead, they get promoted. we spoke with a master sergeant claiming she was sexually sa assaulted by another guard member. and this woman showed us a dollar bill with the "n" word on it saying it came from a member of the guard. and a veteran helicopter pilot questioned this risky joyride, under the golden gate by five national guard helicopters. over the past five months, nearly two dozen guard members spoke with us on and off camera raising concerns about the guard's secret culture. following our first report, sylvia crockett sent us an e-mail including an investigator from the national guard bureau investigator will be sent to california to review the guar
and tony. the crews began leaving here at national harbor in last hour in waves. they are all gone now, on the road headed to new jersey, where they will help restore power to those hardest hit by superstorm sandy. they're sending 1500 workers, between 200 and 250 bucket trucks to help with the efforts. the crews have been working 12 hour shifts since sunday. and they could be deployed for as long as two weeks to new jersey. sandy made landfall on the jersey shore four days ago. dominion crews are assisting first energy and will head to an area in lakewood first before getting to work. given the devastation, the crews are bringing all they need, including trailers to sleep. crews know the conditions are difficult, but they also know people are counting on them. >> got to think about the people you're going to help. they don't have no power. they're in bad shape, stuff like that. conditions are terrible. they don't have no heat. we've been through that too, at our house, where we're from. and you got to think about what you're doing, what you're there for, to help the people. >> reporte
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